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Multi-Gen Wealth Group is a financial planning practice based in Vaughan, Ontario which operates virtually and physically throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Our mission is to assist our clients (and Canadians in general) with the ProtectionAccumulationEffective Use & Eventual Transfer of their Multi-Generational Wealth, in the most tax-efficient and responsible way possible.

Multi-Gen Wealth is a strong advocate of continuing education and using a holistic planning process that seeks to include all aspects of our clients' financial situation while working toward the achievement of their goals.

Our holistic process is not unlike that of the Brain Changes Initiative’s lifestyle approach to Traumatic Brain Injury rehabilitation.  We are proponents of all that Brain Changes is doing to support our community and feel particularly aligned with the Brain Gains Run for Neurogenesis and its goal to raise awareness and promote a "Brain Healthy Lifestyle.”

After all, we want our clients to succeed; financially (of course); however, good financial health is not the only key to happiness and achievement.  Balance is paramount, and that includes living a Brain and Body Healthy lifestyle.

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